Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc. has an outstanding track record of manufacturing high quality linear motor products with very short lead times thanks to its vertically integrated production lines. The company manufactures all key components “in-house” and is therefore able to control the overall component quality and production flow 100 % independently without any dependance on third party suppliers. Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc. continues to follow this core strategy in the future while expanding and diversifying into new product application segments with high global growth potential and attractive ROI for its share holders.

Distribution Strategy

Kaidi Electrical Europe accelerates its revenue growth via highly selective sales & distribution strategy across European continent. We work together with the leading European companies in their specific product segments on country-by-county or on semi-regional bases. We emphasize in these partnerships our long-term commitment for mutual trust and profitability. We continue to expand our direct sales network and physical presence across Europe including local after-sales services and regional delivery hubs in line with our rapid business growth.

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