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Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc. is an international company developing, manufacturing and distributing linear motors for various applications and for various industries around the world. The headquarters of Kaidi Electrical Inc. are located in Changzhou, PRC and the company is listed at Shanghai Stock Exchange. The fast growing company has today over 3500 employees and it has established manufacturing and assembly plants in China, Vietnam and in the United States. The international sales organization of Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc. consists of own corporate sales teams and after sales service networks in Asia, in Europe and in the United States.

Changzhou Kaidi Electrical Inc. is a leading manufacturer of linear motors for the following industrial market segments:

State-of-Art Vertical Production Flow at Kaidi Electrical Inc. – Changzhou, PRC

Kaidi Electrical Inc. is the only corporation in this global industry segment to manufacture all the key components for its linear motion based products at its own in-house facilities in China and elsewhere.

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